Customized Leadership Training & Coaching

Experienced in group facilitation with training programs to meet the specific needs of the client. The goal is to help you implement your business strategy and we do this by ensuring managers and executives perform at the highest level of professional and interpersonal competence. We work with you to identify the gaps and implement appropriate solutions that align with your business goals and desired outcome. We offer unique follow-up to get more long term and sustainable results.

One-On-One coaching that focuses on both the development of the individual and the needs of the organization. Our coaching style is direct – with no excuses.  We tell it like we see it.

Following are typical tactics used and areas of focus:

  • Create an awareness of leadership style to improve performance;
  • Provide objective input to crafting an approach to retain valued employees;
  • Transition, move forward for newly appointed leaders
  • Build proficiency
  • Improve communication

Our services include training in leadership and team development, motivation, communication, effective and legal interviewing, legal aspects of being a manager and sexual harassment. We have assisted clients by training and mentoring the HR Department. We are able to work effectively at all organizational levels to implement innovative programs that improve company effectiveness, productivity, and overall employee morale.

Our focus is on individualized service, this ensures you get what you need! No matter how big or small your project is People Development & Staffing invites you to call to discuss your Human Resources needs.